Leading service provider in Environment and Health and Safety domain

Executive Summary

The client firm is a top-notch service provider in Environment & Health and Safety domain whose clientele consists of many Fortune 500 companies. It has several customizable projects which can be used for aforesaid industries and some projects designed exclusively for specific industries. Broadly all the projects come under two categories:

Environmental Management System (EMS): The Environmental Management System is a web-based solution to manage environmental data, documents and activities across multiple locations. It has several sub-modules for air, water and waste management, legal requirements and compliance management, environmental sustainability management etc.

Health & Safety Management System (HSMS): The HSMS provides a flexible solution to manage an organization’s health and safety program. By using this application, the management can keep easily keep track of risks, track and react to incidents and hazards, achieve and maintain OHSAS 18001 compliance. The HSMS has several software applications in it such as Incidents and Risk Management, Legal Requirement Management, Document and Training Management etc.

Mindfire’s automation engineers attended several training sessions on specific modules, clarified their doubts by asking questions, indulged themselves in manually testing the module at least once to get hands on knowledge of the application. We noted down anything that looked suspicious/erroneous and reported them to the client and in the process, the application was manually tested as well.

Once the application was stable, we started with QTP Automation testing. The automation process started with writing automation test cases from where scripts were written. Mindfire automation team designed a hybrid framework to carry on with the automation process. While writing scripts, many things were taken into consideration such as functionality, flexibility and maintainability. Better maintainability takes care of the scripts not going obsolete when the application changes over time. Once a script was developed, ran and tested, it was handed over to the client.

The flexibility that anyone from the client side could run the script without any prior QTP knowledge, reduced almost 80% of testing effort and time. It significantly reduced the costs the client was bearing for testing efforts prior to automation.

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