Learning Application

Executive Summary

Learning Application is a multiple file database solution developed in FileMaker 12 Pro Advanced, which can run on Windows, Macintosh platform and iPad using FileMaker Go. It is a study application which is network independent which can be constantly adapted for the changing needs of the schools, grades, classes, as well as the individual students. It offers flexibility, which allows for use in all subjects. It allows for the creation of 100 % self-made lessons by the teachers and a theoretically unlimited number of different lessons types.

Server file is centrally hosted at a server and the local versions are installed on the different iPad. On opening the application from the local version, the application searches for the server and synchronize the application with the server information. For this application we have three different user types (Admin, Teacher and students). Admin and Teacher directly works on the server file using the local file when we have connectivity to the Server. Student works on the local version and when they come to connectivity then it synchronizes the local tables with Server tables which means we have two-way synchronization functionality.

Student can use this application to study the different Questions Sets. In Study mode we categorize whether it is sure or unsure question on the basis of given answers. Which helps them to work on questions which are difficult for them. In Exam mode we have timer as well as after exam it give statics for the right and wrong questions answers.

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