Library Portal for Books and Music Downloads

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a music and books download portal for libraries. The system allows for libraries to sign up and provide a white labelled portal to its patrons. Library Patrons can then login to the portal and are authenticated via an authentication server with the specific library system. We implemented different authentication protocols based on library system requirements. Authenticated users can then search and download music and books.

Implemented features including but not limited to A-Z indexing by author/artist, Top Downloads, New Arrivals, Best Rated. The system allows for the user admin to allocate download quotas to libraries and further allows for the library admin to assign weekly download quotas to its patrons. The site was implemented with multi-lingual support with fully ajax based interfaces for speed as key for user experience.

The challenge was to provide a system that would support high traffic and be extremely responsive. We used memcache for pre-cached results and sphinx or full text search. The application also integrates with Adobe Content Server and allows for auto expiration of books after allowed period of time. We also implemented several import scripts and clean up procedures to allow for import of data from different music labels and their data formats. The system used replicated servers with CDN for hosting static content. We heavily used jQuery for implementing rich user interfaces. The application was hosted on GIT Hub and we used lighthouse for our ticketing system.

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