License Management and Control System

Executive Summary

Developed an application that is used for maintaining licenses for native applications running on MAC, iPad, and Windows OS. The application has 2 sections; a CMS part and a web services part. The CMS part is used for managing resources, managing accounts, products, product versions, licenses, entitlement between account and product using certain license type, reports by any filter. There are many type of licenses i.e Single computer, Single user, Single Site, Multiple User and Multiple computers, Multiple Site etc.

Admin can also configure and control new license type specifying all the details and admin can view the all reports related to entitlements, workstations, media, etc. Admin end has different roles for managing all this information and a dashboard portal with multiple widgets for users.

The Web Service end is responsible for checking all the constraints based on the particular license and to allow native apps access. There are many APIs we implemented for checking concurrent access, concurrent downloads, allowing single computer to customize at a time.

The applications can also run in two modes; internet mode as well as non-internet mode.

About our Client

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