Video Conferencing Platform

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a video conferencing platform through which users can connect and invite others to start an AV conference call. We used WebRTC with and also Easy RTC to implement peer to peer-based chat rooms.

The application suite also consisted of a native thin client app for windows which behaves similar to Skype and allows users to communicate with other users who can connect via their browser. The backend was implemented using node.js and MongoDB and allowed us to maintain contacts, status and other such information about the users.

To start a call, the users have free access to login where they can invite/add and find their contacts. Depending on on the contact’s presence (Available/Offline) information the application then allows the logged in user to call his contact. We also implemented the ability to create unique URLs which could be shared with non-system users to allow them to connect and conference. Other features implemented included integration with Twilio APIs to allow users to set up call forwarding which then routes the call to their phone.

We used Express.js framework on top of Node.js and Jade/twitter bootstrap for the templating engine with Stylus for styling. MongoDB was used for the backend along with STUN/TURN servers which handled the connection between the peers.

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