Localizer App

Executive Summary

There are two part of localizer application, one for “web client” and another is API for iPhone application.

The API is meant to create the backend processes for the mobile application which is being used by the client. The main purpose of the application is to keep track of user for a particular session and its friends who are connected to the user for the same session. We have designed the database for the client and added several API methods. The API includes createusersession, joinfriend, update usercoordinates, getcontacts, getcontactstatus, removesession and cleanupdatabase methods.

For the “web client”, the user will get an invitation URL through which he/she can join the session. After joining the session, the lat/long is detected on the basis of the Ip address of the user and a map is shown to the user which display all the user in that session. Also, the user can follow another user to see his/her movement and can activate the trail functionality to keep track of movement for each user in the session. The user can update his/her name also.

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