Logistics Monitoring Solution

Executive Summary

The project dealt with developing an iOS application for a highly reputed and well-established player who is in the business of renting out product supplies. The client makes renting products simple with their elegant solutions. Each product has its own unique identity which can be easily tracked through the supply chain on the cloud based software. After analyzing their need, team@Mindfire offered to develop and maintain the iOS app which helps to track their products from manufacturing units to consignees and helps the production facilities make data backed decisions. In addition to development, the team is also involved in rolling out regular updates as per the business requirements and bug fixing. The solution helps bring more finesse in the shipping process, making it more secure, timely and convenient.

About our Client

Client Description: Confidential

Client Location: Australia

Industry: Transportation & Logistics


. Docker, Docker Compose
. Google Cloud
. Java, Spring Boot
. Message Queue – RabbitMQ