Mac Based Game Testing

Executive Summary

This is a Mac native gaming application which is based on client server architecture. It’s a card-based gaming application which offers different variant of online gambling games like leagues, table based etc. Application comprised of different interrelated modules

1. Game Related

2. Funds Related

3. Player Related

We have manually tested all the modules through test cases driven approach

1. Installation & Uninstallation Testing (Including Upgrader testing)

2. Complete functional Testing

3. Mac specific UI Testing

4. Database Testing

5. Country based restriction testing

6. OS Compatibility Testing on different Mac OS

7. Identifying memory leaks through command line tools

8. Regression Testing

9. Manual Performance Testing

10.Manual Security Testing

11. Certificate Testing (through keychains)

12. Server Failover Testing. We have provided effective bug report having specific OS and browser details as well to help the developer to do root cause analysis.

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Manual Testing