Magazine Publishing and Ad Management System

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented an ad management system and workflow that allows advertisers, publishers and agencies to upload their ads and manage/process them. The system implements support for various types of ads including; Print Ads, which are used in magazines and can be a single file ad of various sizes including spread Ads which cover two pages of the magazine, Digital Ads for the web or online viewing, Tablet Ads for mobile devices and tablets and Ad Creator Ads which are created using InDesign templates. Implemented a platform for publishers to create publication issues for magazines and provided a drag and drop interface which allows the publisher for arranging of the ads uploaded and design the magazine layout.

Integrated with the google DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers) APIs using the SOAP client toolkit provided by google. Implemented ad management for ads uploaded by the advertiser/publisher in google DFP with similar ad specifications to be managed in the application. Made several UI features including image scale slider for zoom into each ad type using jQuery and added customized view system for different views for each type of ad.

Also, implemented a custom uploader that allows for uploading up to 100 images using a queue to process them to then create ads out of them. Used latest technologies including HTML5 and JS to implement a rich user experience based on specifications

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