Magazine Subscribers

Executive Summary

This software is used by a publishing company that publishes and distributes magazines. This software is used to subscribe customers to the magazines and distributes number of copies of the magazines to them. It is used to manage the existing and new customers and their subscription details. It keeps track of the orders placed by the customers for new subscription or renewal of magazines and the payments done by the customers. The software also keeps track of yearly subscriptions and subscription offers that are valid for a time period. It has export records functionality implemented in the system to allow users to export sub set of records from database to an excel format file by using several filters. Mindfire has developed a “User Management” module in the system that offers an admin ability to manage (add/edit/delete) user accounts with their privileges in the system. Mindfire has developed a “Mail Merge” module in the system that offers the ability to the users of this system to compose several letter and form templates with dynamic tag insertion to the letter content. The users can choose a letter template and take printouts of the same letter for multiple customers or subscribers at a time. In the letter printouts the dynamic tags used in the letters are replaced with the actual values with context of each customers to whom the letter will be sent to. Advanced search options are provided in the system to filter the dynamic list of subscribers based on different search criteria. Mindfire has developed a web solution of the database using FileMaker IWP that allows the subscribers to access their own subscription data online.

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