Magento-vTiger API Bridge

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a bridge for synchronizing data between Magento e-commerce and vTiger CRM systems. The bridge provides a 1 page how to use document and allows the user to setup the bridge via a user friendly interface. The user can create a map between the fields in the two systems via this interface. Once done the app allows the user to lock the map so that it cannot be over-ridden unless the super admin logs in.

The bridge allows for bi-directional synchronization of customers to and from Magento and vtiger systems. Sales orders are also synchronized and updated in the vTiger CRM. Further the application also allows <> products created in Magento to be synchronized with vTiger CRM.

The synchronization bridge uses APIs exposed by both Magento and vTiger. The application has a standard installer which makes it very simple for the user to setup.

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