Marketing Automation System

Executive Summary

This website deals with pre-press process in an efficient manner. There are several modules, which handles InDesign document processing for storing, formatting, media templates, users etc. It also defines and brings the scope to manage workflow, which handles the media approval process. This system mainly works on InDesign documents, which is provided by users according to their requirement. Document will be uploaded via InDesign plugins, which is a custom product developed by the client who uses java SOAP web service for exchanging data in XML form generated by InDesign.

We have implemented new features such as:

• Version compare, which compares different versions of a documents(InDesign) on the fly using third party tool ImageMagick.

• Measuring tool, which calculates the original distance between two selected points on an InDesign document,

• Added Advanced pricing option to their existing excel plugins.

About our Client

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