Executive Summary

The client is a global player in the market of Sales and Marketing since ’90s. His mission and vision is to develop product and service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0v and 2011 which will help Managers and executives to understand business better and work on it. When the client came to us, his main objective was to automate a marketing campaign by using CRM 2011.

He had selected Dynamics CRM 2011 On-line to help manage and track Marketing campaigns as well as assist Sales people to track qualified Leads through the sales process. But, he was bit concerned about the implementation of PHP with MS Dynamics CRM 2011 as his primary requirement was interaction of MS CRM with PHP page. He had discussed with many software vendors before approaching us. But, only to find out that no one was sure about this integration. The primary challenge was implementation of Microsoft CRM with PHP (a non DotNet technology). Despite of all murky facts our CRM team took this challenging task to their account and the best part is they delivered it to the client within the deadline.

About our Client

Client: IT Service Provider

Location: USA

Industry: Printing

Business Situation

Our client was aiming to develop a process to manage and track his marketing campaigns with MS Dynamics CRM 2011.The application aimed at assisting sales people to track qualified leads through the sales process. For approximately 4000 targeted recipients personalized URL’s have been generated having a common landing page for all of them.
These personalized URL’s were basically JSP pages having some triggers associated with various events present in the page. On occurrences of any particular events required data needs to be pushed to the Dynamics CRM 2011 server via a proxy server which is a Linux box.

Our primary goal was to update the triggered actions in the MS Dynamics CRM server with the PHP script (a non-DotNet open-source language) which will be running in the proxy server (Linux box). Also those PHP scripts should have the capability to be consumed by making AJAX calls from the JSP pages which were in different domains/web servers.


Dynamics CRM 2011 On Line, PHP, SOAP, jQuery and JSONP
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