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Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a highly secured web site where artists can share their live performances and pre-recorded videos with the world and can earn by allowing the users to buy concert tickets online. The application allows the artists to apply for membership with providing sample of their concert videos and photos which the Site Administrator/Moderator can verify and approve which will then allow artists to login to the system and create their profiles, upload videos and start live broadcasts. The application has multiple user types which allows different privileges for different user types. An artist can have multiple profiles and assign different logged in users to manage different areas of his profile. The application also allows the viewers interested in watching upcoming concerts to buy tickets online from anywhere in the world. The site allows the artists to feature their concerts by paying a minimal fees to increase their ticket sales. One of the key features of this site is that it is self managed and requires minimal administration.

Key features are conversion of video files uploaded by artists to desired format like .flv, h264 (.mp4) formats using FFMPEG, MENCODER, LAME and FLVtool2 for video streaming. We have also configured and set up lighttpd for streaming and provided the client with a flash video player that uses external interface to support JS calls and supports streaming. We have implemented live broadcasting feature where artists can broadcast their live feed to the world.

We optimized the site to give its best performance by using different site optimization techniques like minifying JS and CSS files, using a div structured layout for the entire site to allow the pages rendered faster to the user browsers and provide the best experience of browsing the website.

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