Medical Practice Document Management System

Executive Summary

This product is part of an integrated software package designed exclusively for ambulatory care medical practice needs. Available individually or as a package, the software suite includes software to convert paper documents to electronic files (EHR). The software suite is an excellent & affordable solution for medical practices. Document Management System is a windows application to reduce paper work and pain to front office while associating scanned documents with patients/visits. This software design considered various day-to-day activities involved in a physician’s clinic.

Thumbnail Document Display – PDF documents displayed as thumbnails

Patient Search – Ability to search a patient using the web service

Patient Mini Registration – Ability to add a new patient to the system

Patient Search Treeview – Patient search results are displayed as a tree view with sub nodes to classify documents

Link Documents – Document thumbnails can be linked by dragging the mouse between two thumbnails, the link between two thumbnails is shown as a blue line

Classify Documents – Linked thumbnails or a single thumbnail can be classified to a patient and dragging the thumbnail and drop it on a node of the patient search tree view

View/Rotate Thumbnails – Thumbnails can be viewed in full size and can be rotated. The rotation also saves the corresponding page in the PDF file

Add Document Details – Details like recall date, next action and collected date can be added to the classified document

Upload Documents – Classified documents can be uploaded to a central server via SFTP using a FTP component from EDTFTPNET. The uploaded documents can be viewed from the web application

Web Service – The application communicates with the sql server using a web service hosted on SSL.

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C#, GDI+, SQL Server 2005, MS Access, Web Services, EDTFTPNET