Executive Summary

The client for this project got us to build a system which allows individuals to store their medical records in a safe and secure manner. The system offers flexibility to its users to access their records anytime and from anywhere – provided they have access to internet. Besides having the provision to update records, the users have the prerogative to allow permission to people of their choice (i.e. physicians, providers, family members etc.) to access either full or parts of their records on a need basis.There are 3 subscription plans available and users are charged based on the features that they choose to use.

The system stands out for its ease of access and the high level of security. The importance of this system grows even more in times of emergency. It can potentially act as a life saver as there is scope for medical staff to be given access to a member’s medical records in such situations; thereby increasing the chances of providing accurate medical care.

About our Client

Client: Confidential

Location: Kansas, USA

Industry: Healthcare IT

Technologies MVC 4.0, C#, Entity Framework, Razor, HTML5, JQuery, Bootstrap, CSS3, Repository pattern, StructureMap, WinSCP, WPF, WCF, SqlServer2008R2, Window Service. Third-Party API: PayPal, Authorize.Net, RSOAPI.