Medical Training App

Executive Summary

Designed an iOS application to help doctors train their staff more quickly and effectively about the various healthcare options.

This is a database driven application. The entire user interface, functions, events and screen flow depends on the database. One impressive feature of the application is dynamic UI. User can customize the UI of application accordingly without rebuilding/recompiling the app and this is the beauty of the app. User can set his/her preferences for the application.

Another feature that the app offers is Security. Best techniques have been incorporated to make application accessibility and content secure. User has to register to admin site before he gets into the application. Each time the user opens the app or switch between background and foreground, the app is authenticated and receives a session id. Apps with valid session can only continue to run. The session data is in encrypted form. Most of the Databases are encrypted. All the media content is also in encrypted form.

All the UI customization and user activities are synced on each of the platforms used for any account. The application is currently running on iOS, Mac and Windows. There is a locking system that handles any inconsistent change among platforms

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