Merchant and Store Management System

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a customer relationship management system which allows the company to manage its customers.  This application allows the customers/merchants to login to its system, add their stores and track the store location on google map easily. This application allows admin to create leads which helps to be in touch with future possible clients. This application helps the merchant to get new paper roll whenever the terminal runs out of paper. Implementation of automation system by consuming REST api helps  in automating the whole process of CRUD in different platforms which results in reduction of data entry work as well as data entry operators.

Implemented a custom workflow to collect payment(cash) from customers. Custom workflow helps management/staff view/track consolidated list of payments of a customer. Payment process passes through an approval process and there are various roles involved with the process to make the payment collection process streamlined. Implemented a device module where we can manage terminals installed on customer’s stores. It has also a custom approval process starting from acquiring terminal from warehouse to installation at customer’s store. We have created complex algorithms to generate unique activation code for each terminal to prevent fraudulent access.

About our Client

E-Commerce Company