MFSCombo Plugin - A jQuery custom combo plug-in

Executive Summary

The idea to develop a custom combo plug-in evolved when Mindfire, working for a client, had bought a combo control from a third party as a license for one of its project. To eliminate the involvement of third party suppliers for these requirements, and to create a light weight combo control which can be used as a custom text box, Mindfire Solutions decided to develop it in-house. Mindfire’s developers researched a lot for the solution and finally developed a custom combo in jQuery to meet demands of project. This custom combo developed named MFSCombo, provided a cost effective solution to the client without any dependency of third party control and simultaneously acted as an open source to our entire clientele. It is a combination of drop-down and text box and is a perfect fit for any ASP.Net website developed with jQuery and wcf. The use of plug-in reduced coding time for clients and the code is re-usable off the shelf. It takes less time to load and has cross browser compatibility. Thus, Mindfire provided client’s with a better and efficient means of combo control.

About our Client

Client Description: Mindfire Solutions Internal

Client Location: BBSR, India

Industry: Software

Business Situation

One of our clients had the requirement of using a combo control which we had to buy as a license from third party to use it in the project. This made us think of avoiding third party controls over the plug-in and develop one in-house so as to use it for other projects as and when required. After a long round of discussions within the team, Mindfire took initiatives in developing it. The requirement was to develop a lightweight combo control which would load records on demand and also can be used as custom text box. This plug-in needed to act as open source for our entire clientele, and the code to be re-usable. Thus, carrying this objective in mind our development team started work on it.


WSS 3.0, ASP.Net 2.0 & 3.5, VB.Net, SQL 2005