Migrating classic Online Auction ASP software to .NET

Executive Summary

The existing online auction software developed in ASP with SQL2000 database needed to be migrated to ASP.net Frame work 3.5. In the ASP version the business logic of the application which existing in the COM dll was migrated into .NET assemblies.

The application had 2 modes – Admin and User.

The Admin user creates and maintains the various listing formats as well as manages the registered users and registered sell items. Each and every transaction in the Sell module such as invoice details, listing details, bidding details etc., is managed and controlled in the admin section. Admin also has the right to create new ‘Sell’ templates for different items with different listing formats, so as to activate the bidding for them at any time.

The user can create an account and use the existing listing formats to post items for sale. Other users can login and bid for the posted items.

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.NET 3.5 , C#.Net, SQL 2005