iPhone/iPad App for Word Puzzle

Executive Summary

Because of a penchant for logical and puzzle related games , the client for this project wanted an iPhone/iPad game application to be developed. The expectation was that the app had to be educational, challenging and at the same time should have a fun element to it. The Game involved having to find words across a 10×10 grid of crossword puzzle using various clues. Clues are based on different topics of daily routine & general knowledge. Game provides users to opt for different levels of difficulty and have options to achieve high scores through a “time enability feature”.

Client’s search for the right development partner ended with Mindfire Solutions. After few quick discussions with the Mindfire’s technical team, the client could judge the capability of our unit and gave us the project. Mindfire took no time in understanding the objectives of the client and started work immediately. The end result developed was a game application in iPhone/iPad that gives the users a chance to develop their logical skills. The client was very happy to have received a fully functional app in time and without much of involvement from their end with the programmers during the development phase.

About our Client

Client Description: Confidential

Client Location: USA

Industry: Software

Business Situation

The Client’s intention was to develop a game application where users were challenged to put to test their logical and analytical skills .It was also a mechanism to develop the aforesaid skills by constantly playing the game. There is feature called “the time enability feature”which really challenges a user’s mental adroitness.

The technical challenge was to develop a mobile application which can cover the maximum range of iPhone/iPad mobiles and in developing a custom view for users where they can easily swipe their finger across the 10×10 crossword puzzle to guess the answers .Client also demanded to not keep any database for game grid puzzle so that application can run faster.


iOS SDK  4.2, xCode 3.2.5