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Executive Summary

Our client, operating in the Entertainment Industry, is a leading provider of Hollywood news and information about celebrities, movies, television, music, and reality shows. They also offer miscellaneous value‐added services featuring daily and monthly horoscopes, psychic predictions, celebrity birthdays, and celebrity zodiac match. The client had a BlackBerry PlayBook horoscope application and the previous vendor was trying to deploy the same code for BlackBerry Torch. It was rejected by BlackBerry creating a disaster for the client. The client needed to get out of this situation and also develop for and launch their applications on multiple popular mobile platforms. To start with, Mindfire created the required mobile application using BlackBerry WebWorks and integrated with BlackBerry Messenger. In the next phase of development, after analyzing the client’s other existing applications, business needs, and popular cross‐platform mobile development frameworks, PhoneGap was selected for its power and versatility. Our PhoneGap experts created the required feature-rich smart‐phone applications which could be seamlessly deployed across multiple popular mobile platforms as needed by our client, e.g. iPhone, Android, Windows Phone Mango, etc. While BlackBerry WebWorks provided the power to integrate with BlackBerry Messenger, PhoneGap provided a cost‐effective solution to create quick apps and deploy to multiple popular platforms thereby significantly increasing our client’s time‐to‐market and target audience coverage.

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