Mobile Event Website

Executive Summary

The project involved building the Website on specifically three browsers: Android, Blackberry and iPhone. It requires to list the details of artists which are supposed to play at different events and stages. Website has a feature to guide the users from any artist detail page to the exact location of the stage, for that artist to perform in an event. The stages are plotted on a Map and have pop up box open for the stage requested and other stages can be browsed too using pop up boxes, for better user friendly environment.

The location of stages on the Map is taken care off on both the orientation, Landscape and Potrait, on Android and iPhone as well. The Map page can also be browsed for any stage on both the orientation. The user can choose to be guided to the social networking accounts of an artist from artist pages. Also, we have added one scripts to read the data from excel sheet and inserted into the database

About our Client

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