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Executive Summary

This Application would be used by Sales Person of company to generate, modify and fetch Leads from server. Leads are the goals to be acted upon by Sales Executives. Leads contain the details of Client like his name, contact details, email address etc.

Leads are used to signify a sales goal , like sales executive has to contact and visit the client using details provided in Lead and pursue the client to buy the insurance product.

Sales Executive may arrange a meeting using the details in Lead assigned to him He would then add a Sales Appointment using the Sales Appointment Section. He may later change the details, depending on further communication with Client.

Sales Executive may add a Contact corresponding to the Lead assigned to him and may use it while creating Quote. Business Guard Application (Quote) can be created by selecting Lead from Leads List Screen or New Quote Screen. Quote can be added, modified and then submitted by Sales Executives. But once a Quote has been submitted, they are not allowed to modify the details. Quotes contain the details of Client, Contact Person, Sales Executive, Number of Employees working in Company and signatures of both Contact person and sales Executive.

Now, all the actions done by sales executive while using application are done off-line. They need to be synced online with NetSuite Server. Now Sales Executive may sync by clicking on Sync Menu Option. There has been a Search Menu. After clicking on it, a search form is presented to the user. User may enter the text to search the Application Data. He may enter data, and click on search. Leads, Quotes and Sales Appointment would be searched and displayed according to the text entered.

A Home Screen has been designed to give some essential information at hand. It provides useful information like Next appointment, Last updated Lead and Quote, Last Sync Time and any errors occurred while syncing. Also an Error Screen has been designed to give error list for all the three sections Leads, Quote, And Sales Appointments.

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