Mobile Messaging Solution

Executive Summary

This application is a hosted mobile messaging solution and its customers use this for sales, marketing, service and operational communications. This platform is an interface between advertisers and subscribers. This uses SyBase as carrier. The broadcast messages are handled through a scheduler which in tun invokes ColdFusion modules to be broadcasted in that minute. Once the message is delivered to the destination, a status acknowledgement is received and stored. Both individual and group broadcasts are supported. Message Merge is supported as well with templates. There is a provision in the application to run mobile contests as well and the criteria, number of winners, dates, Etc. are customizable.

Shortcode support is also provided to ease the process of end users sending across messages to the advertisers. There is inbuilt support for campaigns and keywords and the Admin section takes care of the backend configuration of the application.

About our Client

Telecommunication, Marketing Company


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