Mobile Review App

Executive Summary

This website provides necessary webservices and back-end management to a cross browser mobile app which is designed to provide real-time reviews for various industries. We have created ‘RESTful APIs’ for the mobile app and used JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) encode for exchanging data. We have implemented push notification services for iOS and Android devices.

We have heavily used Geocoding technique for validating user’s review. Created functionality to calculate distance between user current location and business with their coordinates this ensures during review user is present in the business premises. Also, we have created radius-based business locator functionality where user can search nearby business with various filters.

Used base64 encode for uploading/sending images from mobile app to the server over a POST method. Implemented location/user-based data sync mechanism to facilitate in-housing data for mobile app for a better user experience. We have also used Facebook, twitter API for authenticating users.

About our Client

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