Mobile Trivia Game

Executive Summary

This game is highly addictive and fun to use with over 16,000 trivia questions and dozens of questions packs. This game is needed to play the expansion packs and it comes over with 4,000 free questions and 12,100 more can be purchased.

It takes only seconds to add expansion packs when you want to play new questions. There are dozens of levels which get harder as you advance through the game. There are 3 different types of hints one can use: eliminate answers, poll the people and replace a question.

This game supports achievements and high scores. The High score chart keeps track of your best progress in game. There are Top 10 scores on the device, as well as global Top 10 scores.

Increase your score and earn achievements while playing game that includes answers questions in a row, getting high scores, unlocking question packs and ‘combos’ with 27 achievements. All of the questions are written in English with a focus on recent events.

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