Module for Encyclopedia of Life

Executive Summary

Module integrated with the project is used for following purpose:-

1. Import data from the Google spreadsheet: All raw data for the module is imported from Google spreadsheet, Data is imported using Zend library code.

2. Organize imported data in separate tables: After importing all raw data for the module data is separated in three different tables (Settings, Categories, and Species) with a normalized format.

3. Create a Navigation tree from data: By selecting all categories and species for the categories a tree navigation is formed for the module.

4. Display detail for the selected item by calling an API: By clicking any node an API call is made, the API returns an XML for the detail of species.And finally by parsing the XML detail for the species is created and displayed to the right of the Tree Navigation.Detail of the species contains following sections:

1. Slide Show for the species images.

2. Evaluation Meter image for the species.

3. Description, Ecology & Distribution and Conservation for the species.

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