MS Commerce Server implementation on Catalog Manager and Client site

Executive Summary

The catalog manager web site provides the user a web interface to manage Commerce Server catalogs, categories and products. It aims at replacing the Commerce Server Catalog manager UI tool with additional features like

1. importing a catalog (with categories and products) from Excel file

2. importing language translation of a catalog to Excel file

3. exporting translation from Excel file

4. creating virtual catalogs from base catalog by simple drag and drop operation

5. managing catalog revisions

6. preview of virtual catalogs This site acts as a management tool where business users create, manage and make changes to centralized categories and products. Client websites use different virtual catalogs to display their own personalized product catalogs.

features included in client web sites are –

1. browsing categories

2. display product information

3. adding products to shopping cart

4. order check out

5. order history display

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