Multi-Level-marketing (MLM) web application

Executive Summary

We created a Social Media Multi-Level-marketing (MLM) web application which is on similar lines as Amway. This application allows its members to build a Multi-Level network hierarchy of their friends via social network using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. In addition, members can also invite new members by Email.

Once a member reaches a critical mass (with certain number of members in his network), they would be able to make money by establishing MLM schemes (Deals). Deal is offered to members by Email where there are URLs to purchase some product. Once the member purchases, senior folks in the hierarchy will get commission benefit.

The application also has an Admin section where the admin can create and manage email templates and can also add tags to email template which will replace with actual value/price at the time of Email distribution.

Couple of few best features of this application is the following:

1. Ability to invite friends to join using pre-existing social media channels.

2. Level representation of member hierarchy.

3. Tracking of member’s in your network hierarchy.

4. Easy tracking of effect of deal signup and profit return for their network.

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ASP.Net 4.0, SQL server 2008,