Multi-site application for Automobile Dealerships with Inventory Management

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a highly secure multi-site application for automobile dealerships which allows for inventory management and also implements backend services for a Flex desktop widget that allows for managing sales representative specific website content via AMF/Remoting. The application provides three types of interfaces including the website super-admin, dealer’s admin and sales representatives. The super-admin implements backend processes like creating security keys, jailed ftp locations for dealerships and inventory file mapping rules for importing dealership specific inventory data. The super admin also allows for scheduling cron jobs, restoring inventory data from backups and periodical importing of inventory data from remote sites such as Carfax and chrome.

The dealership admin allows for creating of dealers and grouping them into dealerships. Further this interface also allows for creating users specific to a dealership such as; salespersons, sales-team managers and dealers managers. The application further implements XSL based templates that allows for salespersons to have their own customized websites with their personalized URL. This allows for sales persons to have personalized websites to advertise and sell vehicles. In addition to this we also implemented a social media sharing module which allows for sharing of content to Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. The application also implements remote Services or AMF messaging for a Flex desktop widget that can be used by sales persons to manage their website content, look and feel. The services also provide for viewing website related stats including visits and sales inquiries. We also helped with the server setup and implemented backend scripts for mail parsing using IMAP libraries and rsync scripts to sync slave servers on the server farm.

About our Client

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