Executive Summary

Our client, who is into selling computer hardware, wanted to build a touch screen application which can help show product demonstration to its customers. Client wanted to build this application in order to increase it’s sales. The requirement was to develop a multi-touch point application so that customers can press and know about any product details that they might be interested in. 

This case study illustrates how we created an industrial-strength, feature-rich, and easy-to-use business support platform using Drupal to help store-brand manufacturers and marketers most effectively plan for their private label success.

About our Client

Client Description: Computer Hardware Manufacturer

Client Location: CA, USA

Industry: Computer Hardware

Our Solution & Customer Benefits

We designed and implemented a multi-touch cross platform adobe air application. The application runs in full screen mode on large touch screens and allows users to browse through categories and view products details. Implemented QR code generation for products to store actual URL to allow users to buy the product online from their mobile devices. Implemented swipe and touch gestures which were not supported on standard Windows 7 devices. Implemented a standalone application that starts when the system reboots and runs every 24 hours to fetch product images based on latest XML input file. 


Adobe Air, Flex 4, Cairngorm, FlashBuilder 4.5, Flex SDK 4.5.1, XML