MultiUser based brand Showcase and Ordering system

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a web application that allows companies to signup and upload brand specific images for media/print and conferences/trade shows. The application implements an ajax based UI and allows for brand users to tag images and add in description.

The system provides for the company admin to create brand specific users and limit access to the brand users by brand and features available in the system. Brand users an upload, view, message, approve orders and write blogs. The application also allows journalists and other distributors to login and download brand specific images from the website. Distributors can also order or request samples of the brand specific items for trade show displays.

Implemented ability for authorized brand users to view schedule for items in stock to then be able to approve orders for distributors. The system was implemented using the WordPress MU (multiuser) plugin along with several other plugins that helped with speedy delivery of the final product.

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