Networking Solutions for Child Safety

Executive Summary

The project has been developed to create an on-line community for child emergency and non-emergency networking. Through this site user can register himself and can add his child in to the network by creating his own and his child’s/family members profile by subscribing the available packages. Then user will add the contact people’s profiles, which is used to contact in case of an emergency. Each member will have their unique toll free number. Through this site member can create his and his family members ID card and also tags having contact number to pasted on the child’s assets like bags, shoes etc. PayPal has been used as payment gateway.

In this project we can install new modules, pages and widgets from the admin section to make it available in front end. Navigation menus can be sorted from admin area. Snippets Widgets can be installed from the admin section and can be accessed anywhere in the front-end by using the keywords.

Using the CMS admin can manage the below jobs after login:

– Manage Pages

– Manage Snippets

– Manage Website Settings

– Manage Modules system (see modules below)

– Manage Widgets System

– Manage Contact Page

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Child Safety