Notification system for drivers and vehicles

Executive Summary

The main purpose of this application is to send notification about all the expiry dates of the drivers and vehicles to the Company and the driver. It’s a web application, which is scheduled to process all the Driver and Vehicle DBF files from the FTP server to send SMS and Email notification.

1 – Initially the users have to upload all the DBF files to the FTP server by running a Batch file.

2 – The company’s FTP authentication information should be there is the Company table.

3 – The web application is scheduled to work on every day. The web app will read data from the company table to retrieve FTP information for each company. It will then download the FTP files from the specified server. It will then process the DBF files to retrieve all expiry dates of the active drivers and expiry date of all the vehicles and send email alerts.

About our Client

Automobile Company




ASP.Net 4.0, SQL Server 2008