Ocean Freight Transportation and Networking Application

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented features for an online logistics application where the respective users can invite and interact with each other to plan and create shipments. The users of the application included; agents (forwarders), client (admin), carriers and suppliers within a company network.

We implemented a SAAS solution that allows logistics companies to signup, subscribe and benefit from a data bank of logistics contacts that they can add to their network from within the application. We integrated the system with an order management system where the suppliers can monitor their shipments.

Suppliers transport their goods through clients, who have agents (Receiving agents) to transport goods to their destination. The agents in the client’s network (receiving agents) invite or have other agents in the system to act as sending agents for suppliers, who can create booking requests. The sending agents create shipments for that booking request assigning it to the receiving agent and the supplier. The supplier creates and confirms the packing list in the order management system for the received shipment. The agents (forwarders) can then update the status quo for the packing list in the logistics system which gets reflected in the order management system for that shipment. The sending agents contact their carriers to transport the goods from the pickup location to the delivery location. In turn, the receiving agents receive the goods at the delivery location and deliver it to the end user.

Implemented several social networking features including messaging, networking and profiles. We also added restrictions and allowed the user to control and limit views to their profiles to a subset of their contacts.

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