Online Consumer Survey and Opinions gathering system

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented an online survey and opinions gathering system that allows different Organizations/Individuals to create customized focused to a set of smart phone users group. The surveys can be taken by these users from their iPhones and by answering the survey questions the users get paid by the website. The application allows the survey creators to create customized surveys with dynamic number of questions and also allows the user to add certain demographical restrictions such as race, gender, age etc. to target a particular user group as per their needs. The application also allows organizations to select a specific geographical area to restrict the survey for that particular area while returning the surveys list to iPhone user by getting their current co-ordinates. To allow survey creator to mark the geographical restrictions we used Google Maps API which allows marking multiple geographical points on the map and highlight the selected area as a Polygon to save the area coordinates which can be used while validating with the coordinates posted by iPhone to the server. The application also allows the iPhone users to donate certain percentage from their earnings for any charity organizations that are registered with the site. The application has an administrator panel allowing the site administrator to manage the site content and review the site activities as well as exporting the statistics data of different areas of the site in an Excel or PDF format. The iPhone and the ROR application communicates using JSON which makes the communication faster between the iPhone and ROR as it reduces the amount of data transfer while sending request and getting response back from server. The application uses Amazon S3 to store the files and uses the paperclip gem to upload the files to S3 and also allows the users to manage the uploaded files on S3 server. The application uses cloud computing technology and is hosted on Heroku. We used GitHub as the central code repository which was also setup to run the unit test cases and features written using Rspec and Cucumber gems by the help of RunCodeRun.

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