Executive Summary

Our Client wanted to develop a game which can be played in the browser as well as on mobile devices,including iPhone and iPad, and he approached Mindfire Solutions for rendering solutions. Mindfire used Socket based programming in HTML5 and developed the multiplayer scalable game which is easily accessible, which renders correctly in all devices, which is stable enough to accommodate thousands of people playing it online and which is fast to keep the players engaged. Rich graphics, rich sound which can lead the player to a state of trance as he played the game and for sure, addictive to the core.

About Our Client

Client: Game Design

Location: California, USA

Industry: Software

Business Situation

The primary goal of the client was to create a multiplayer board game where players could choose their car and number of laps and race on the track. Players would roll dice and the number outcome of the dice throw would move their cars that many steps forward/backward as per the player’s choice. Each step/box would have rules which would be generated dynamically at random from the array of rules. The client was concerned about the performance of game and also needed something which would have attractive graphics.

Our Solution & Customer Benefits

Mindfire designed and developed an HTML5 browser based multi-player board game which could be played in all devices alike. The team started analyzing the requirements in detail. For the purpose of the case study, the entire rule book which led to the business rules of the game is not being discussed here respecting the confidentiality of the game and honoring the intellectual property rights, has not been discussed here. The client was pleased with Mindfire’s effort and reckoned that they were happy to have discovered a professional HTML5 development services company.


HTML5, JavaScript, SVG, node.js, mongoDB, AWS, EC2, S3, Cloudfront, SVN