Online Magazine/Press-Publications Review System

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a responsive WordPress site for showcasing Magazine and Press Publication content on the web for review and approval by the design review team. The application provides the ability for the admin to create and add responsive templates that have content area tags defined.

The application exposes REST APIs that allow for a custom InDesign Plugin to query the list of available templates and then send back selected template id and content tagged via a XML POST. The application then parse the tagged XML content to populate the selected responsive template and allows for authorized users to access the publication/magazine via their desktop browser or mobile device. The users can then add comments on the layout of the publication pages and export templates as standalone HTML pages  for uploading into Adobe DPS so registered user can download and review the publication/magazine.

The application implements a simplified custom tagging version of IDML (Adobe InDesign Markup Language) and overcomes the bulk and complexity of the documentation/methods that are provided by Adobe Systems for data exchange with InDesign and custom 3rd party systems.

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