Online Music Distribution System

Executive Summary

Developed an online music distribution system where users can register and upload their music album, which in turn, will be distributed to the customers by the service provider.

The user needs to complete various stages of music album registration process along with the payment process to complete the registration.

Basically there are 2 types of distribution: Test Drive and Fast Lane. Also, there are various album distribution options for the user to select from viz. Single Distribution, Album Distribution, Ringtone Distribution etc.

When creating music, user has to go through the following steps:

1. The user has to put the album info, the number of tracks and tracks info.

2. The user has to make payment if payment is required for the listing process. The payment options are By Check, PayPal, Wire Transfer etc.

3. For each track, the user can upload audio files.

4. When all the steps are completed, the user can complete the listing on clicking ‘Complete’ button.

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