Online Photo Framing Application

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a photo framing flex widget with a CMS admin that allows for users to select a frame and view their preferred picture framed online. The application allows the user to either upload an image or select from a preset list of categorized images. After the image has been selected the user is then directed to a Flex widget which allows the user to select different frames and define upto 3 mats to then see their picture framed online.

The widget also provides the ability to upload a room view or select from existing room views to then place the framed picture and see how it would look in their room. Once the user has selected the frame, he likes he can then proceed to the checkout screen. We implemented the payment process and integrated with PayPal for online payments. The user can also just order a custom frame by specifying the dimensions without selecting or viewing their picture in the frame. The admin login allows for managing the different frames and pictures and their costs. The admin also allows for viewing customers and their orders.

One of the requirements we had was to minimize the number of images used for the frame and we accomplished this by limiting upload for a frame to the corner image and a slice of the side bar. Once we were done with the application flow and functionality, we had to work on optimizing the load time for the generation of the final framed picture. We used code profiling, browser traffic analyzer tools and caching techniques to re-engineer aspects of the implementation and finally were able to cut down the load time considerably.

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