Online Real Estate Management System

Executive Summary

A leading real estate client was interested to revamp his website and make it more appealing by enriching it with a lot of functionalities in a short span of two weeks. It was imperative for the client that he should increase his visibility amongst the customers in his area of operation and be able to convert his leads into valuable clients. This implied that he needed a stronger web presence and had to be search engine optimized for his prospects to easily find him. He also wanted a rich user interface for his website for an enriching customer experience.

Although he was clear with the idea, at that point of time, he was in search of a reliable development partner. He came across Mindfire Solutions and discussed his idea with us. Our experts at Mindfire suggested the use of WordPress in developing his website and prepared a proposal for him. The client was duly satisfied with our professional approach to reach the solution. Our solution to his requirement multiplied client’s revenue and he was very much impressed with our timely project delivery. This project did not just ensure for us a repeat business in WordPress technology but also propelled our client to hire our software development services in other technologies as well.

About our Client

Client Description: Online Real Estate Management

Client Location: Boise, Idaho

Industry : Software

Business Situation

A leading real estate client from Boise was very much interested to give an appealing look to his website with a sleek custom theme. There was also need for integrating a smooth slider with featured property images. For better search results, he needed property quick search and smart search (based on street name) functionalities etc. The client wanted us to complete the whole project within two weeks. It was a bit of challenge for our development team to complete the task within such short span of time. Yet, or WordPress developers and PHP programmers team worked hard to finish off the job well within the stipulated time.


LAMP, WordPress 3.3, MySQL, iHomeFinder Webservice, jQuery