Online Shopping and Event Management Application

Executive Summary

There was basically two modules of the project. The eCom module which provides reliable, user friendly online shopping facilities. User can view the available products in the site, can select any desired product for purchasing. User needs to register in the application and can make the payment using PayPal. This application provides two modes of operations, Admin and User mode. Admin has the full control over the application in both the sections. Admin can keep track of the available products, as well as it can add/update product information. Admin also has the privilege to view and reply the queries sent by the customers about a product and the process is fully automated workflow. The second module is a CMS specific to the fishing industry. The application has tournaments under which we have list of events attached. A group of people can form a team and can register in different scheduled events of different tournaments without any registration fees. The system is also having features to read/add articles related to fishing industry. The core components are the web services exposed for different websites. Functionality like view, add, edit and delete are being handled by asynchronous requests using jQuery.

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Coldfusion 8.0, SQL Server 2005, JavaScript