Online Weight Management System

Executive Summary

Online weight management system assists its customer to lose obesity and help them stay fit. The system can well track daily activities of subscribed users like: their diet plans, exercise frequency, online health training history, appointments etc. This system is defined with an automated SMS gateway, so that the one month trial user receives an e-mail in regular interval of time to encourage them to convert as paid subscription member. PayPal system helps trial users to convert into a subscribed user. The SMS system also sends out automated notice and alert to all level of users in the system if they miss any training session, appointment slot or diet plan entry.

Mindfire was approached to develop different modules that would serve users and meet client’s objective of developing such a system. The modules developed were: Appointment module, Doctor and health history module, Recipe module, SMS and Email for different role based member for this CMS. Also, a number of 3rd party DNN modules have been integrated which includes Dataspring’s Dynamic Form module, Ultra Video Module, SunBlog, WhosOn Live etc to bring greater functionality and feasibility to this DotNetNuke health care system.

About our Client

Client Description: Online Weight Management System

Client Location: Australia

Industry: Healthcare

Business Situation

Our client was aiming to create an online health management system, which can integrate Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Nutrition and Activity all delivered online. Webcam counseling sessions and webcam online Activity Sessions was also needed. To merge all the requirement and needs in a one place was a bit tedious job. The client had invested a lot by purchasing 3rd party module and wanted us to find out a way to use it in his system for better result. It was a very tough situation for the client because he could not enter into the market having spent so much of money.

With these many number of objectives and critical business logic implementation in mind, the client approached Mindfire Solutions DotnetNuke team to find and propose a feasible solution. Mindfire’s DNN experts took no time to start discussing about the specifications sent by the client and finally proposed a solution.


ASP.NET 4.0 + ADO.Net, SQL Server 2008, HTML,CSS , XSLT, Jquery

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