Optical Mark Recognition and Barcode Reader Java Utility

Executive Summary

The Optical Mark Recognition and Barcode Reader Java Utility is developed for customer who deals with preparing test sets for students for developing their mathematics knowledge and ability to solve the problem.

The utility is used to read the optical marked answer sheets along with the barcode and match the test set in the database and evaluates the correct answers based on the database and precompiled templates. The utility has the ability to process thousands of optical marked answer sheets simultaneously and store the evaluation of sheets in the database. It also has a special feature to evaluate the incorrectly scanned answer sheets. It also can correctly process sheets with rotation (clockwise and anticlockwise) during the scanning process. It can also be configured to run as a service in the background and starts processing when it gets an answer sheet image. The utility is platform independent and can run on any platform having a Java runtime installed.

About our Client

E-learning company


Education, School Industry


Java, JDK 1.5, Java Imaging Utility, ZXing