Order Delivery System

Executive Summary

The ODS is designed to be handled by direct dealers of various products offered by the production farm. All dealers can create their own admin account using their valid account number and thereafter they can create user under them. Dealers can set permission, pricing preferences and product preferences for their corresponding users. Users will work with the ODS to place QUOTE or BID or ORDER for a particular product with in their respective authorities or permissions. Dealers or the admins of a particular account will have the authority to setup or modify users.

In the user part, a user can place a QUOTE or BID or ORDER for any product as per the permission granted to them by the dealer or admin. While placing an order, to view the product for the given dimension will be displayed by the system, which is generated dynamically. After the user accepts the view it goes to the pricing section where the pricing for that particular order is done. There after the final acceptance from user it moves to the checkout for billing purpose. A user can view any placed order and can take a dynamically generated receipt printout at any time. One can also edit an incomplete order at any time. A user can check the status of the order placed as they are in process in the production farm. While placing a QUOTE or BID or ORDER, user can choose the shipping type from few options provided by the farm.

The ODS also provides a rapid response window for their users, which opens during the working hours of the production farm. This window works with urgent orders or quotes and helps the users to get quick response from the production farm.

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