Executive Summary

Our client who is one of the leading logistics services providers operating in USA already had a Logistics Management system in place. Their initial system included two different applications, the first being the Order Management System (OMS) and the second one is the Logistics application for providing the logistics solution to their users.

While the OMS programmed in ASP is primarily used for managing the purchase order of a company, the Logistics Application programmed in PHP is used by the SMB logistics providers in order to manage their contacts/network, transactions and shipments across the world.

The foremost requirement of our client wanted us to provide more features to their users. Also they did not want to use Order management application and the Logistics Application in silos. Hence they wanted us to integrate both these systems and use Order Management System as an Add-On Tool for the PHP application.

There were other challenges involved in this project as well. Mindfire Solutions helped them integrate the OMS and Logistics Application and thus could meet the requirements of the client. Our skilled PHP developers who were on this project made the system fully functional and ensured that it ran perfectly without fail. Each system was provided with a separate login for the application and was accompanied by its own dedicated server.

This case study illustrates how we created an industrial-strength, feature-rich, and easy-to-use business support platform using PHP and ASP to help an upcoming Logistics service provider fine tune his operations to serve his customers better.

About our Client

Client Description: Logistics Services Provider

Client Location: United States of America

Industry: Logistics / Transportation


ASP.Net 4.0 WCF, Classic ASP, SQL Server, C#, Entity Framework, Jquery, PHP, MySQL, JSON, SVN