Outbreak Managemenmt System

Executive Summary

OMS is an Outbreak Management System to measure the health outbreak of diseases. It is a web application using MVC3 .NET 4.0 framework. ADO.NET Entity framework is used to interact with the database. Reports are developed using SQL Server Reporting Services. jQuery is used for client validation and UI interaction. Rajor View engine is used for the view pages used in the application.

Work mainly involved in the implementation of the following areas:

1. Reporting- Designing reports, writing stored procedures to populate the reports, dynamic crosstab reports, sub-reports.

2. Export and Import Functionality – Exporting and importing data to and from Excel files from/ to the database for all master entities.

3. Search (like for Case, Contact, Organization) – Advance Search Module, Call Log Section.

4. Quick Case Entry – The quick case entry screen is where the system displays the demographic data entered by the user along with any associated conditions. Auto-fill provides users the ability to quickly enter case data.

5. Implement Inline add, copy, edit and delete functionalities using Telerik Grid.

6. Replace all the dropdown controls with Telerik controls throughout the application to support some new enhanced feature and modify the code accordingly.

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ASP.Net MVC3, Ado.net Entity Framework, jQuery ,SSRS