Package Delivery Tracking Application

Executive Summary

Created an application for a merchant organization to keep track of the shipments dispatched from the organization to the customers all over the world through different carriers. The application takes a list of tracking numbers of different carriers and fetches the details/status of the shipment through their respective carrier tracking modules. The application then checks the delivery date and compares it with the expected delivery date.

In case of a delay, it has intelligence built in to make a decision whether to proceed for refund according to the exception mentioned for the delay. If the shipment applies for refund, then it makes a refund request with the respective carrier through their portal and updates the application with the refund result (approved/denied with carrier comments).

The application interfaced with popular shipping carriers such as FedEx, DHL and UPS and used curl to login and extract info from the HTML screens. Session and cookies were handled by the PHP code to impersonate real user logins.

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