Paper Packaging Website: A Kentico CMS Solution

Executive Summary

The client is a giant in Paper packaging industry in USA since ’90s. He is a pioneer service provider of online paper transaction and purchasing. The main focus of our client was to maintain his client details in terms of order placing, order tracking, user information, feedback of online paper transaction etc. Before he approached us (Mindfire), lots of work he used to do manually. The old website and its features are not updated as per their customer’s needs and not matched with the industry standard. He wants a very robust and good looking website where his customer feels good to deal with him. To meet this vision, they wanted to develop a CMS enabled system to manage the content and other frequently changed stuff easily in his website.

Initially, client has managed his business with a system which was a bit wretched to get track of his user activities. The old web site does not allow his website admin to change website content very frequently and easily.

So he planned to migrate his application to a Kentico CMS (a best CMS product). In addition to that he wants to develop few more functionality and webparts for his existing application.

About our Client

Client Description: IT Solutions Provider

Client Location: USA

Industry : Paper Packaging


Kentico CMS 5.5, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL

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